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Addendum to the Red Book
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As I said in my prior post, circumstances in my life have kept me from participating in the fandom as much as I would like and I don't think it is fair of me to swoop in now and again without participating on a regular basis.

Soooo, with that in mind, I am putting this journal on hiatus -- Elanor is going "a'wandering". I know I will be back. I cannot stay away from LotR and I have stories that just will not leave me be. When I do upload them to my website (as well as the new Archive of Our Own), I will update this journal with a link at least. But for now, just to be fair, I have to put up a "Elanor is gone a'wandering" sign.

We have finished our "site" challenge over at lotr_fic_recs and I am now putting that journal on hiatus until Bilbo goes a'wandering once more on screen. Again, it is not fair of me to ask others to do reccing when I cannot find the time to do anything but post the challenge text and run.

So farewell for a while, see you round the corner at that secret gate.

Roads go ever ever on
Under cloud and under star,
Yet feet that wandering have gone
Turn at last to home afar.
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My apologies for being absent of late, but I think that is going to be more of a trend than I would wish. I have not been able to even keep up with what is going on around here much less comment (not that I was a frequent commenter before). The dynamics of LJ being what it is, I don't think it is fair for me to post without being able to read or comment on other folks' posts.

But, I have put up an important challenge post over at lotr_fic_recs, so I make an exception here. At this point in the fandom, I think it is important to make sure we leave a clear trail for those who come after us. This challenge asks you to recommend the archive sites and individual author sites which provide LotR stories, songs, poems, or art. These do not have to be your favorites. (And I know some of you have comprehensive lists!)

Thanks to tweedle_ who has gotten a headstart on everyone with recs. And much thanks to my anonymous gifter for your kind words!
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Happy Birthday Boyz!!!
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My Prez
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From princessofg here :

A long time ago I wrote a Lotrips AU called "American Football." I'm going to try again to market, as orig fic, a massively rewritten version of parts of that story.

So I need to private lock it.

I have no problem with people circulating the fanfic version privately and/or saving it for themselves to read, but I've been very careful not to archive it anywhere. The only place it's posted pubicly is on my LJ, and the index is in the old Memories function there.

So I'm going to private lock it on the LJ on Sept. 13, 2009.

Will you Sean/Elijah folks pass the word along, if you can?

Thanks for your help.
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OK dear friends, it is very clear that a LOT of people who are yelling about the Healthcare bill (and making up some of the longest lists of the most ridiculous urban legends ever) have not read it. So when confronted with any of these individuals who make these idiotic claims, please do actually go and review the section they are yelling about and give them the lesson in reading comprehension that they obviously did not get in grade school. Here is a link to a downloadable PDF of the whole darn thing:

House Healthcare Bill

Of course, if you ask these lovely individuals "Exactly which Section number is the [DEATH PANEL, MANDATED EUTHANASIA, FILL IN THE RIDICULOUS IDEA HERE] in?" and they give you a boggled 'DOH?' expression, then you know they are just spouting lines fed to them by some political puppet for the insurance industry. You can decide at that point whether it is worth it to (1) engage in further intelligent discussion and logical give and take, or (2) ask "Where is the camera? I know this is one of those Jaywalk things for the Tonight Show isn’t it?", or (3) just hand them a beer, slap them on the back, and say "Gee, isn’t it great about Hawaii finally becoming a state next year?"
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*hugs* to julchen11

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To all the lovely folks who left me birthday greetings!! Mille Grazie to these lovely ladies for the wonderful pics/graphics/greetings:

claudia603, i_o_r_h_a_e_l, shirebound, ghyste, melanieathene, slipperieslope, withywindle01, mews1945, melyanna_65, ink_gypsy, honeyandvinegar, sophinisba, ilthit, febobe,cali_se, hekateriness, and to lovely julchen11 for the wonderful poem, to my wonderful co-mod for lotr_fic_recs sophinisba, to the lovely co-mods of middleearthnews and to my dearest estelanui! MILLE GRAZIE!! ETA 3: And also to annwyn55 and nimue_8 THANK YOU LADIES!!!

Since I am in the wilds of Florida again, I may have missed some, so please kick me one if I did.


Per HERSELF -- "The new Vorkosiverse book, henceforth to be titled CryoBurn, is finished and turned in to Baen.

To recap information mentioned previously, the story is an Auditorial investigation that takes place on a planet new to readers, called New Hope II or Kibou-daini. Miles is 39, to go by the very Miles-centered series chronology we've been using. The story uses three viewpoints: Miles, Roic, and a local lad named Jin. The general mode is mystery/thriller/technological-social exploration. About 103,000 words, in twenty chapters and an epilogue.

The book is, tentatively, on the Baen publication schedule for late 2010, probably November."

Can I just say SQUEEEEEEEEE!


Well, I, for one, loved it. And I have no problem waiting for what is to come from the series. Yes, it was angsty to the extreme. But it was all about sacrifice – the one for the many – the few for the many – and should cause all kinds of discussion about that topic. Hard to write about sacrifice without having some sacrifice. It was immensely edge-of-the-seat entertaining. Of course, all this is said from the perspective of a fan who is just a viewer. I don't follow the fandom or listen to what the creators or writers say off screen about their creation, so I can't get bent about "promises made" etc. etc. (Generally, I can separate the author/creator from the work, except in a few cases where I was informed/found out about an author/actor's repugnant personal views or behavior and found myself unable to read/watch their work any longer, not really my choice but you can't "unhear/unsee" things.)

HARRY POTTER and that other guy

Thought the movie was better than the book, but Rowling's later books could always do with some tightening up, IMHO. The actors, especially Daniel, have grown into their roles. I loved his bit while on the "luck" potion. And, as always, I thought Alan performed wonderfully. I found myself in the weird position of being the most informed HP fan in the audience and laughing, rather loudly, in key spots where no one else got the joke. It was fun, but the movie suffers, as did Two Towers, from being the last gasp before the big finish. I did enjoy the teenagers being teenagers though. All in all, a good time in the theatre.


Still amazed that this is not really a sci-fi series. I have made it through Season 4.0 and now waiting to get home to Season 4.5, i.e, the finale. Very enjoyable and thought provoking. Thank you again to gottafilk for reccing it!


In keeping with promises for dog-centric posts and to answer folks who asked about her, Cali is fine and kicking up her heels at her "Grandma's" with me. Here she is on my mom's lap:


As I said before, am back in Florida again for a short while. Hope to be home sooner this time! Trying to keep up, but if I miss something, let me know!!!

ETA 1: Oh yes, and Tom Felton, if you please!!! Excellent job Mr. Felton!

ETA 2: And YAY BILL!! You go, Mr. Prez! Show people why we should worry less about our public officials' personal lives and MORE about their ability to do the job! (More political stuff later, when I have time and when I won't throw things, this being a laptop and all....)
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Sorry for the delay. It has been a classic few weeks in this Annus Horribilis of mine, but I won't drag you through the drama. Needless to say, as long as everyone is still healthy and breathing, it is a good day!

As promised, if you are interested in my humble opinions of some of the fanfic and commercial fic I managed to read in the last six months (and it ain't much), feel free to click on the link below. Remember, these are all IMHO, of course!

Reviews and Recs (Spoiler Alert!)Collapse )

And in other news, I am still enjoying Battlestar Galactica (on Season 3, toward the end at this point). Still loving how very different it is from what I expected, and how very different it is period. I never expected the rather campy and shiny show I used to watch back in the – in another decade -- to turn into this thoughtful, weird, gritty thing. Just fun. I have also discovered Bones, which is, unlike a lot of other CSI type shows, witty AND dark AND humorous AND sexy – sort of NCIS without the uniforms. I love the way the squints interact with the suits, which also shows up in another show I have discovered -- Numb3rs. And OMG, I just decided to check out Numb3rs because I kept seeing it pop up on my friends list, and who do I find – David Krumholtz! I love David Krumholtz (MR. UNIVERSE!) and Peter MacNicol is an old favorite from way back. Seems like a fun and quirky show so far, and I love the special effects, especially the ones they are using for the transitions. I don't know how it is going to go since I am only up to the third show, but I am loving David in this, and Rob Morrow isn't bad either (although I can't watch him without hearing the theme music from Northern Exposure and seeing a moose walk by in the background when he is on screen).

And that is enough for now I think, don't you?

Here's hoping everyone, including ME, has a good week this week!
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